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What Are The Common Transparent Screens?

Dec. 17, 2019

Transparent display supplier to share with you: Transparent interactive Display is a new type of display based on Transparent Display screens, with touch and software video.

What is transparent display screen, a lot of products in the industry include glass screen, lamp screen, grille screen, curtain screen, mesh, screen, also began to name.Transparent display, as the name implies, is "transparent" for the biggest feature.The traditional screen is opaque to light and air and other objective performance, resulting in excessive body, poor heat dissipation, miscellaneous structure, high power consumption, abrupt modeling and many other problems, thus giving rise to the "transparent screen".

From then on, we can also see that the biggest characteristics of transparent display screen are: high light transmittance, good effect of skills, good effect of heat dissipation, light weight and easy to maintain.

Transparent display screen can be as transparent as glass screen, transparency and can guarantee the dynamic degree of colorful images and display details, so transparent screen interactive display device to allow the user to close through both behind the screen, and can let users interact with transparent display dynamic information.

With the increasing popularity of transparent screen in practical applications, transparent screen has been everywhere.Although transparent screen is a new display technology application, but through user information feedback and continuous improvement, it still occupies a place in the market, and also presents a diversified trend.In fact, in real life we see transparent screen more than one, we may have a lot of doubts about the characteristics of various transparent screen and the scope of application, below we come together to understand and understand the common types of transparent screen.

Transparent holographic projection: an LED projector is installed at the bottom of the glass screen to project the image onto a special glass screen.Holographic projection technology can not only produce three-dimensional illusion in the air, but also make the illusion interact with the performers to complete the performance together and produce shocking performance effect. Scope of application: product exhibition, automobile clothing release conference, stage program, interaction, bar entertainment, place interactive projection, etc.

Shopping Mall Transparent Display

Shopping Mall Transparent Display

LED transparent screen: this screen has extremely high permeability, improving the perspective effect, and is not limited by size and area, but the dot spacing will affect the clarity effect.Because of its permeability, it is suitable for large shopping malls, enterprise exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums and other places requiring large-screen Display, such as commercial building transparent display.

LCD transparent screen: its own is not transparent, through the back of the strong light reflection to achieve the transparent effect.Transparent while retaining the high definition of the LCD screen. Throughout its hd Transparent features, Transparent LCD screens are suitable for Display Windows of shopping malls, museums and luxury products, such as shopping mall transparent display.

OLED transparent screen: OLED transparent screen, or organic OLED screen with self-luminous transparency, is made of OLED but has a transparent process, just like the sci-fi transparent screen in the movie.The display contents can be seen in both the positive and negative directions, and the unilluminated pixels present a high transparent state, which can realize the superposition display of virtual reality. Its transparency can be used in exhibitions, exterior glass of buildings, entertainment, medical and industrial products, eye protection pieces of military helmets, etc.

At present, the market is more popular is the glass transparent led display, which not only has the above characteristics, but also in the light transmittance characteristics are particularly prominent, led transparent screen can be attached to the glass very naturally, attached to the glass keel, is the best partner.When the screen body is not lit, it hardly affects the overall exterior design and the transparent lighting of the building.When lit up, the glass turns into an LED screen, which can play pictures and videos with colorful colors, vivid pictures and a light 3D effect. The perfect combination of high technology and artistry makes the LED transparent screen popular.

When there is no glass, the transparent LED screen can also exist independently for interior design.The new visual experience brought by high transparency and dazzling color can make the exhibition hall and business super of customers become the leading fashion and technology leaders in the industry, while the super customized LED transparent screen can fully support customers' requirements for creativity and uniqueness.

During the eight minutes of the winter Olympic Games in Beijing, the audience was deeply impressed by an ice screen, one of the transparent led displays, that let the world see China's black technology.

With the continuous development of display technology, transparent screen emerges. Compared with traditional LCD display, transparent screen can bring unprecedented visual experience and brand new experience to users. Because transparent screen itself has the characteristics of screen and transparency, it can be applied to many occasions, that is, it can be used as a screen, and can replace transparent plate glass.Transparent screen is mainly used for exhibition display and product display, such as using transparent screen instead of window glass.

In the future, transparent screen will have a wide range of applications. For example, transparent screen can be used instead of window glass in architecture, and can be used as the glass door of refrigerators, microwave ovens and other appliances in electrical products.Transparent screen enables the audience to see the images on the screen at the same time they can also see the objects behind the screen through the screen, which enhances the efficiency of information transmission and also adds a lot of fun.

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