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The Rise Of Digital Signage In The Catering Industry

Jul. 13, 2019

In the catering industry, the Full touch menu Touch Monitor is integrated into the high-definition project. On the one hand, it can customize the content of the special food culture, design the novel graphic and video information, and can also push the advertisement. It can also be an interesting animation video. Or split screen to play the same style, to create a unique food culture unique to the family; on the other hand, to enhance the customer's first impression, to experience the digital service provided by the advertising machine when ordering, to share interesting entertainment broadcasts while eating, etc. Let customers experience high-tech intelligent services. If it is a chain operation, it can also be remotely controlled to facilitate centralized management.

The Rise Of Digital Signage In The Catering Industry

Nowadays, the food culture circle is more and more diversified, the food culture needs to be spread, and it is necessary to advance with the times. It is necessary to use the power of science and technology to realize the combination of technology and culture, thereby improving economic development. Vision Intelligent Monitoring Advertising Machine leads the 4k Digital Signage innovation to the highest point. It integrates traditional culture and modern technology into the food culture, which constitutes a new element, establishes the digital signage of fashion culture, and provides users with high-quality application solutions. The development trend of the catering industry is becoming more and more prosperous. It is obvious that the new combination of food culture + technology has become a trend model. The introduction of the high resolution Digital Signage has created a new food generation for the food culture, which is carried forward for the food culture. A steady stream of benefits.

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