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Related Technology Of Touch Screen Monitor

Nov. 20, 2019

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Touch screen monitor allows users to touch the icon or text on the computer display screen with their fingers, so that they can operate the host computer without keyboard and mouse operation, making human-computer interaction more straightforward. It is mainly used for information inquiry in the hall of public places, leadership office, video games, ordering songs and dishes, multimedia teaching, air tickets / train tickets pre-sale, etc. The products are mainly divided into capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen and surface acoustic touch screen.

Touch Screen Monitor

Related technology of LED HD screen touch monitor

Pressure sensing technology:

There is a layer of air between the damping materials on the inner and outer surfaces of the smart board. When there is pressure pressing the board surface to make a point contact, the smart board can identify the position of the point and complete the operation.

Induction intensity:

It is the performance of touch screen sensitivity, which refers to the range of the touch screen's correct response to external forces.

Infrared touch screen:

Infrared touch screen is equipped with infrared transmitter and infrared receiver in pairs around the screen. The receiver receives the infrared emitted by the transmitter to form infrared matrix. When the finger is pressed on the screen, the finger blocks the infrared ray, thus receiving information to the host in the X and Y directions.

LED HD Screen Touch Monitor

Matrix switch:

The multi-channel input signal can be output to one or more display devices.

Coordinate system:

The touch screen is an absolute coordinate system, which can be directly clicked. The essential difference between the touch screen and the relative positioning system such as the mouse is that it is intuitive at one time. The feature of absolute coordinate system is that each positioning coordinate has nothing to do with the last positioning coordinate. The touch screen is a set of independent coordinate positioning system in physics. The data of each touch is transformed into the coordinates of the screen through calibration. In this way, the output data of the same point on the touch screen is stable regardless of the situation. If it is not stable, then the touch screen is stable Touch screen can not guarantee absolute coordinate positioning.

Mohr hardness coefficient:

It is a parameter to measure the surface hardness of touch screen.

Screen type:

There are four types of touch screen: plane, sphere, cylinder and liquid crystal.


It directly affects the visual effect of the touch screen. Many touch screens are multi-layer composite films. It's not enough to generalize their visual effects with only a little transparency. It should include at least four characteristics: transparency, color distortion, reflectance and clarity. Of course, it can be further divided. For example, the degree of reflectance includes the degree of specular reflection and diffraction reflection. However, the diffraction reflection on the surface of touch screen has not reached the degree of CD, For users, these four features are basically enough.

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