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The Five Major Technological Directions of Digital Signage

Mar. 20, 2020

The ability to develop and implement a full range of high-quality installation projects is necessary to ensure that retail brands and fast food chains use innovative digital signage systems to attract customers as innovatively as possible, but provide an overall integrated solution In the industry, technology is the main driving force. "When discussing the creation and operation efficiency of 4k digital signage, we must emphasize and keep in mind five major technological directions:

Commercial-grade screens

In the negotiations between the installer and the retailer, the simple and direct issue of "installing a high-quality commercial-grade screen" is still controversial. In the long run, the high initial cost of installing inexpensive screens and premium commercial-grade screens has been a problem. But experience shows that it will eventually end with double the cost of the brand. Commercial-grade screens also provide users with more advanced features, such as OLED screens from LG (higher contrast, more realistic pixel colors and no offset). The new screen also offers ultra-fine line options and bending technology, which is effective for creating large-screen displays. We can also expand and innovate the screen through partition technology.

2.System chip technology

2016 really is an important year for the development of SoC technology, and it has gradually replaced the demand for external media players. In addition, I think it is very urgent for retailers, especially fast food chains, to adopt new technologies.

The development of the high-brightness digital signage simplifies the solution by eliminating the need for multiple screens and running the software only through the screen.

Shopping Mall Digital Signage

Shopping Mall Digital Signage 

3.High-definition projection

The development of projection technology is changing rapidly. Through the combination of high-definition projectors and professional-grade projectors, retailers can transform their standard pane displays into large digital screens (which can display dynamic video and static visual effects). The development of technology has also provided opportunities for retailers to stand out from the competition.

4.LED display technology

Although the cost of LED technology is high, its utilization rate is increasing year by year. And when used on large projects, they can be cost-effective, making them ideal for large-scale installations. Its brightness is also sufficient for indoor, pane displays, and is not limited by any particular aspect ratio. These LED displays can be changed in shape to meet the needs of different occasions, because their use and height are customizable. Compared to other technologies, they also perform well in backlight conditions.

5.In-store music services

Background music playback is not like a trend, but this technological change is attracting retailers and fast food chains who are anxious to change the shopping and dining experience of users through the atmosphere. Carefully selected music can create a better atmosphere and increase customer return.

"As we see daily, some retailers and fast food chains always pay close attention to the end results of in-store screen deployments and communicate the results to customers. But initially, the best strategy is to make sure you have the system Key architectural components of operational operations, "."Does the system you are installing meet the quality requirements? Does it cover cutting-edge technologies that provide long-term, consistent network services? Once installed, shopping mall digital signagecan not only provide the latest and easily updated content, but also Provide big data for effective analysis of user engagement and methods. "Intelligent digital solutions are a good choice. Their advanced technology, powerful system functions, rich intelligent interactive applications, and the foundation of millions of users are well received. Users love it.

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