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Can the splicing screen display 4K signal?

Aug. 28, 2019

Can the splicing screen display 4K signal? Following the Smart Curved OLED TVS supplier would like to share with you.

Nowadays, splicing screen products are no longer special for monitoring display. In many meeting occasions, they have been used as necessary large-screen demonstration devices, such as playing propaganda videos, PPT, text documents, etc., which to some extent replace the function of projection. In addition, as some bar, restaurant, barbecue, such as public also began to cost splicing screen, such as Mosaic a big screen to watch the World Cup games, movies, etc., and monitor display requirements in these situations, is completely different, monitoring shows that need is segmentation, Mosaic, and other functions, and on these occasions, need is hd, flat-fell seam is small, etc.

What is 4K signal?

4K refers to 3840*2160 resolution image or video signal, which is twice as high as 1920*1080. It is a full hd signal display, which is the maximum resolution in practical applications. In general, we use the LCD devices have a single 1920 * 1080 resolution, such as splicing screen TV, display, etc, but in recent years such as movies, video signal source to reach the standard 4 k, so now we most of the household television has its single display resolution can reach 3804 * 2160, as long as it is played for sources can realize the effect of 4 k.

Smart Curved OLED TVS supplier

Smart Curved OLED TVS supplier

Resolution of splicing screen:

Splicing screen while using and LCD technology, but its main function is as a monitor display devices exist, although the market share in the meeting places also gradually expanded, but also is not the main, and monitor display is not high to the requirement of resolution, 2 k display have been quite enough, so the panel manufacturers also have no current plans to launch the higher resolution panel at all levels. So the resolution of the single panel is still 1920*1080.

Iii. How to achieve 4K on the splicing screen

Although the resolution of the LCD transparent screen for sale can only reach 1920*1080, its biggest advantage is its splicing ability. Only four splicing screens are needed for splicing, and the resolution can reach 3840*2160. This point is not comparable to other display equipment, plus its patchwork is very small, only a few millimeters wide, so even if there is a patchwork in the middle is not big.

With 4 k sources is becoming more common, more and more users begin to display products can reach the standard, and throughout the current can reach the standard of large screen products only a splice screen, while the LED screen resolution can overlay, but it needs very large area after joining together can also achieve this standard, so don't apply to our indoor situation, so if we want to implement a 4 k signal screens, only need to use 4 pieces of splice screen splicing, configure a again and out of the dispenser, then put 4 k content directly on the big screen.

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