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The Potential Development of Digital Signage in Education

Mar. 27, 2020

 In the field of education, digital signage is rapidly spreading, and its visual interest and efficiency have become an effective way for campus activities and important information exchange. In fact, 97% of students prefer to obtain information through digital channels.

With the continuous improvement of technology and the maturity of market applications, digital signage has become more diversified in form and application form and has become a broad-based information dissemination platform. This will be reflected in the application of modern cities. Nowadays, many young people represented by the 80s mainly obtain news and entertainment information from digital screens. In fact, according to research, TVs are becoming the "second source" and replaced by mobile phones or tablets.

In this regard, any business or organization that wishes to target specific information should be more inclined to adopt a more focused and trusted approach.

Custom digital signage for educational institutions, the three most important meanings: reduce confusion and confusion, emergency alerts, capture the audience.

First, reduce confusion and confusion

Compared with a bulletin board that occupies a lot of walls and is always full of various outdated cluttered information, digital signage can save more space, conduct a mandatory review of bulletin information, and transform maintenance work from many users into one or two Staff.

Emergency alerts

More and more college campuses are using students' mobile phones to push emergency notifications in text or email format. The digital signage system throughout campus is the best compliment to this method. In the event of a weather or safety-related emergency, digital signage can efficiently and directly notify all students or employees, even if their mobile phones are not online at the time. Standard information can be saved in a file in advance and uploaded in time when needed, or new information can be dynamically updated to cope with any unexpected situations that may occur.

Custom Digital Signage

Custom Digital Signage

Capture the audience

No matter what kind of campus you visit, there is always the idea of students lining up to attract the audience. In a library, registration office, or cafeteria, a high-resolution digital signage system always attracts more attention than a flyer on a wall. Various information including weather forecast, tuition payment deadlines, bookstore weekly specials, etc. can be shared. In addition, as the traditional method of sharing a piece of information with a leaflet is replaced by digital signage, the amount of paper and ink will be reduced, which will increase the return on investment and also achieve better information transmission.

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