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OLED signage has become the mainstream of digital signage market development

Sep. 29, 2019

At present, the large-screen display enterprise's OLED signage promotion has been put on the agenda. For example, LG Electronics publicly stated that it officially launched the OLED digital signage business in 2016, and plans to start with large-scale digital signage products in public places, such as the international airport, and then gradually expand the product line. The strong promotion of OLED digital signage by manufacturers has undoubtedly provided a strong platform support for the promotion of transparent OLED displays in the field of digital signage.

OLED is a solid-state device composed of organic molecular films, which can be electrically generated by light. Compared with traditional LEDs and LCDs, the screen made of OLED is thinner, brighter, more colorful, and has a larger viewing angle. And energy consumption will be lower.

Moreover, as a special display technology, transparent display applications are not destined to be a popular dish, even on the OLED display level, and digital signage applications, as an industry with strong demand for transparent display, naturally become The promotion of transparent OLED display can not be ignored. Therefore, whether it is based on the promotion of transparent OLED display itself or the specific application requirements based on digital signage, transparent OLED digital signage will inevitably get the support of related companies.

Driven by huge market potential, large-screen display companies are increasingly investing in this market. However, due to the maturity of liquid crystal display technology, the innovation space left for related companies has been very limited, and scale has become The killer of market competition, and OLED display technology is different, as an emerging technology, there is enough room to play, especially around transparent display applications, companies can explore more creative solutions, which makes the entire digital signage market competitive The model is more diversified and is more conducive to the sustainable development of the industry.

OLED signage has become the mainstream of digital signage market development

OLED signage

Today, OLED TVS supplier introduces two innovative applications of OLED.

1. Shopping mall

Adhering to the concept of customer first, shopping malls oriented to customers' shopping consumption, using OLED display, slim and lightweight screen, no need to install brackets, excellent image quality, highly restore the color authenticity of goods. The combination of the window and the window, the perfect promotion of the brand promotion map, text, video, the cool visual effect makes the entire store full of fashion, greatly improving the consumer's desire to buy.

2. Brand store

The store style of a brand store often affects the sales format. Selling goods, fire is creative. Design multiple sets of OLED vertical screens in the store to present the model's figure in an actual ratio of one to one, combined with the actual bag, to create a highly simulated physical scene, allowing customers to be physically present.

With the development of the economy, people's consumption levels continue to improve, the hotel industry is also advancing with the times, and the grades are gradually improved to meet different consumer groups. The room is the service of the hotel and the main source of revenue for the hotel, so its design is particularly important. People-oriented is the most fundamental design concept of the hotel. In the case of not damaging the sense of space, the OLED display screen is cleverly embedded in the door and window wall, which can not only broadcast news reports, weather reports, but also play movies and TVs.

Multi-purpose double-sided display, simultaneous two-way media playback experience, to maximize the customer's valuable space; and improve the hotel's architectural space taste, and multiply.

OLED is suitable for all forms of art decoration, as a display landmark for special spaces. The beautiful surface design, which attracts the attention of customers, has become a favorable platform for enterprises to display. Our company is a LED HD screen Touch Monitor supplier, specializing in the production of various LED TVs and OLED signs and other products, the quality is trustworthy, welcome friends from all over the world to consult.

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