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How to select the OEM Transparent Display

Jul. 01, 2019

Must know: product line distribution

Product line, basically according to the LCD transparent screen supplier divided into three camps, which is samsung camp, sharp camp, LG camp. Because their three panel manufacturers in the launch of patchwork products at the same time, but also to provide the corresponding panels to the market. The face plate of liquid crystal joining together product of mainstream manufacturer on market at present basically comes from these 3.

From the perspective of stitching gap, samsung's 5.5mm 46in ultra-narrow edge LCD stitching and the splicing unit of 55in 3.5mm, sharp's 60in splicing unit of 6.5mm and LG's 49in splicing unit of 3.5mm. From the current market situation, samsung manufacturers support the largest camp, samsung's splicing products are relatively mainstream. Of course, this has something to do with samsung's early entry into the market. However, as sharp and LG increase their marketing efforts, the support of these two camps has increased.

Must know: product line more to do in the mind

Because the product of these manufacturer exists difference, resemble for instance spell seam different, face plate dimension also is different wait, the price that this brings about a product also can have a few great disparity, the user should do in the mind when choosing bottom. The smaller the seam, the larger the size of the panel, the better the visual effect it can bring, and the more expensive the price is; On the contrary, face plate dimension is small, go all out seam is opposite bigger, its unit price also is more cheap, so the user is about to choose and buy according to his actual situation.

It is important to know: is the LCD transparent screen thinner the better?

For a long time, in the application of large screen display, LCD splicing is known for being ultra-thin. Based on the marketing appeal, it has become the key packaging object of merchants, which leads to the industry users to pay attention to the thickness of products when buying? So, in practice, is the thinner the better?

With the continuous maturity of LCD splicing technology, LCD splicing screen becomes thinner and thinner. Many industry users are already familiar with the advantages of lightweight products, such as reduced weight, better looking screens, easier installation, and faster response times. Relevant studies show that when the thickness of the spliced large screen is reduced by 20%, the response speed will be increased by 35% compared with the original foundation. Does this mean the thinner the better? Of course, the answer is no, because the thinning of the product will also bring a certain negative impact, users must know before buying.

The thinner the product, the higher the manufacturing process requirements. If the process is not right, not only will the color on the screen become dim, but the Angle of view will also become smaller. At the same time, the incidence of bad spots on the screen will increase, and the yield of the product will be reduced. So far, the industry does not have a set of very sophisticated technology to solve these problems. Therefore, to produce light and thin products, manufacturers' production costs will increase a lot. Accordingly, transfer to industry user body, use cost also can increase greatly. High cost, many hidden dangers, this is the user in the pursuit of ultra-lightweight products must be considered. Of course, if conditions allow, must choose, it is best to choose quality and after-sales service are guaranteed by the big brand products

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