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What is a touch monitor?

Jun. 10, 2019

What is a touch monitor?

LED HD screen Touch Monitor supplier shares that touch Screen allows users to operate the host computer by gently touching the symbols or words on the computer display Screen with their fingers, which eliminates keyboard and mouse operations and makes human-computer interaction more straightforward. Mainly used in public places hall information query, leadership office, electronic games, song ordering, multimedia teaching, ticket/train ticket booking, etc. The products are mainly divided into capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen and surface acoustic touch screen.

Introduction to touch monitor

The principle of touch monitor is very simple. Simply put, it is just a touch screen installed on the display to become a display with touch function. What is popular on the market is liquid crystal touch monitor (CRT has been gradually retired). According to the different installation touch screen, it is generally divided into four types: resistive type, capacitive type, acoustic type and infrared type. The touch display on the market mainly USES resistive touch screen, because its installation is relatively simple. There are professional companies in China that are engaged in the spontaneous mold opening and design of all-in-one touch display. Unlike those in the market that are modified with other displays, the modified touch display is prone to quality problems, while the integrated development and design of touch display is not easy to damage the touch screen.

Touch monitor from the front, no obvious difference with the ordinary display, from the back, it is more than the ordinary display a signal line, that is, to connect the touch screen signal line. Ordinary display in use, generally do not need a special driver, and touch monitor in use must have a special touch screen driver, otherwise can not touch the operation.

LED HD screen Touch Monitor supplier

First of all, as A professional manufacturer of touch monitor, the whole mold and institutional design, the layout of the electronic parts, touch screen fixed are original way, take GVision products, in addition to their own development and design of A/D board, the design of the whole body, also for touch screen fixed professional design, adopt A few design original iron as A fixed, rather than simply using strip fixed and paste. Secondly, professional touch display, generally reserved a certain degree of space for installation, can be compatible with the installation of other touch screens. Third, the professional touch display is stable, not only accurate contact, in addition to touch contact, the display machine will not shake, relatively stable. Fourth, the quality of touch display is guaranteed. So the comprehensive performance is quite reliable. This kind of touch display is generally used in high-end and strict touch display requirements, such as high-end catering POS system, industrial site, medical system, conference room and so on.

Based on the price pressure in China, most of the users are still disassembled and pieced together, which is a chaotic market. A little better to use the market brand machine for transformation, remove the shell, the touch screen with tape fixed in the front of the display screen, and then install the front frame, the shell. Typically, the case is a tool to remove parts that hinder the installation of the touch screen. Draw out the touch screen control wire, and then install the shell. The quality is almost again, then directly with the market's copycat display for transformation. Basically these monitors are not effective quality assurance, after-sales maintenance a little trouble.

The place for these applications is generally a low-cost query application. Touch monitors in medical treatment, high-end POS and industrial field are generally equipped with infrared touch screen, 5-line resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, acoustic screen display and 4-line resistive display. In addition, some large-sized LCD TVS are equipped with infrared touch screen and acoustic wave screen, which are mostly infrared screen.

Generally speaking, if the customer is very concerned about quality, it is recommended to choose the brand touch monitor, because the after-sales service is guaranteed, if the customer is more concerned about the price, you can consider using the assembled display.

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