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The Rapid Growth of Led Display in the Digital Signage Industry Will Be Promising

Feb. 21, 2020

The current commercial buildings digital signage market is growing rapidly. A few days ago, relevant data shows that the digital signage display market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.2% in the next four years, of which LED display and LCD display will drive market growth, and the largest growth will occur in 65 inches or more On the display, research shows that by 2019, more than half of the public display market revenue will come from large screens.

Digital signage supplier believes that: LED display has always been the king in the large screen display field, and also has the advantages of seamless splicing, modularity, flexibility, etc., plus the two years of small pitch technology The development and maturity of various display solutions in the industry, as well as the use of new materials, have led LED displays to develop in a thin and light direction. These changes are in line with the development trend of the digital signage market in the future. There is a lot of room for growth in the field of digital signage.

Square Digital Signage

Square Digital Signage

1. Outdoor advertising field: LCD, OLED and other display technologies are "seeing the light to die", while LED display is the natural king of outdoor display. At the same time, the flexibility and modular characteristics of LED display can make digital signage more versatile. At the same time, innovative LED screens, splicing screens, and other diversified types of LED screens have also brought a variety of independent choices to the "cosmetics" of retail doorplates (digital signage). With the increasing popularity of technology, both in the perspective of charming cities and in terms of cost, it is a good choice.

2. Commercial display window area: The advantages of LED digital signage in the field of commercial display are gradually increasing. As far as the transparent screen is concerned, with the advancement of technology and the continuous emergence of innovative products, such as the LEDs seen at Shanghai International LED Exhibition Double-sided transparent screen, and interactive LED transparent digital signage incorporating the latest infrared, face recognition, somatosensory technology, 3D / VR and other technologies. It can not only meet the diverse display needs for different products, but also beautify the shopping environment. Its interaction can also enhance the shopping experience of customers and help stores complete sales.

3. Education display field: "In the long run, the growth of digital signage revenue will be driven by the increase in demand for large-sized displays, especially in the fields of education and enterprises." For a long time, there have been large limitations in the application of multimedia in education Sex, for example, teachers are tied to the computer, it is difficult to interact with students in real time. With the advent of the era of intelligent education for all, LED screen companies can take full advantage of digital signage with powerful system functions and rich intelligent interactive applications, and shine in the education field.

4. Of course, there is now the most popular square digital signage, which is also one of the focus of LED display in the digital signage field. With the innovation and development of the digital signage industry, the display requirements are also changing, which also coincides with the diversified development direction of the LED display application field. With the rapid development of the global digital signage industry, the LED display industry will also benefit from it. Especially in the past two years, the small-pitch LED display technology has been widely used and recognized. Some industry analysts believe that digital signage advertising machines may become the best battlefield for small-pitch LED displays.

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