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The OLCD breakthrough makes laptop and tablet screens truly bezel-less

Aug. 23, 2019

The OLCD breakthrough makes laptop and tablet screens truly bezel-less

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Cambridge, England (August 2019) -- FlexEnable, a leader in flexible organic electronics development and industrialisation, has launched an ultra-narrow bezel organic LCD (OLCD).

Smart Curved OLED TVS Supplier shares that the OLCD is based on organic thin film transistors (OTFT). Thanks to the material's great flexibility, the bezel on the back of the display can be folded, a first in the industry. The breakthrough offers a whole new way to do things that glass displays can't do. OLCD offers the same quality and performance as traditional glass LCDS and can meet the growing demand for larger displays with smaller or no bezels, bringing unique advantages to laptops, tablets, televisions and monitors. OLCD allows frame sizes to be independent of display size or resolution, and OLCD technology itself can be economically and efficiently extended to large-size displays. In addition,OLCD can reduce laptop weight by up to 100g and thickness by 0.5mm. "By leveraging the unique properties of the FlexEnable organic transistor platform, we have demonstrated that it can also provide a way for bezelless displays to further extend OLCD applications that are light and easy to fit," said Chuck Milligan, CEO of FlexEnable. For example, a laptop of the same size can accommodate a larger High Brightness Computer Monitor without the bezel of the display. This breakthrough allows us to address the multi-billion dollar market for laptop, tablet, monitor and TV displays, as well as the surface integrated display market for automotive interiors. Easy to bend and shape, OLCD can give new shapes to a variety of products, including consumer electronics, smart home devices, automobile displays, etc. The technology is currently being implemented on existing production lines in Asia and is expected to go into production in 2020. FlexEnableFlexEnable the award-winning organic electronic platform supports glassless flexible displays, sensors, and optical devices that can be applied to almost any surface. The company has developed a complete set of low-temperature manufacturing process and achieved industrialization, for the production of ultra-thin plastic substrate on the small size and large size of electronic LCD transparent screen products. This low-cost technology platform takes advantage of much of the established infrastructure and provides optimal manufacturing routes, compatible with existing flat-screen production lines. FlexEnable's easy-to-fit, ultra-thin, ultra-light, shattering displays and sensors bring disruptive capabilities to consumer electronics, automobiles, smart home devices, digital signage, and more. FlexEnable transfers and licenses its unique technology platform to manufacturing partners and works directly with oems and tier 1 companies to develop next-generation product designs. Headquartered in Cambridge, England, the company originated from the world famous cavendish laboratory of Cambridge university. It has attracted many excellent flexible electronic engineering talents from all over the world, with over 700 years of engineering experience and more than 650 patents.

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