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Do You Know About Computer Monitors?

Feb. 18, 2020

High brightness computer monitor supplier to share with you: The display is also often called a monitor. The display is an I / O device belonging to a computer, that is, an input / output device. It is a display tool that displays a certain electronic file on the screen through a specific transmission device and then reflects it to the human eye.

First, classification

According to the different materials, it can be divided into: cathode ray tube display (CRT), plasma display PDP, liquid crystal display LCD, LED display, 3D display and so on. The following are the physical pictures of CRT, LCD LCD display and plasma display.

CRT display:

CRT flat-panel displays have advantages such as large viewing angles, no dead pixels, high color reproduction, uniform chromaticity, adjustable multi-resolution mode, and extremely short response times. The disadvantages are as you can see: large size, ugly, bulky, low resolution, large radiation, and great damage to the eyes.

Liquid crystal LCD display:

The advantages of liquid crystal displays are thin body, small footprint and small radiation, giving people the image of a healthy product. But the LCD screen does not necessarily protect the eyes, which depends on the habits of each person using the computer. Most of the desktop monitors bought today are LCD monitors.

Plasma display:

Plasma displays are thin, high-resolution, take up little space, and can be used as wall-mounted televisions in the home, representing the development trend of future computer displays. Has the following characteristics:

1.Brightness and high contrast

 The plasma display has high brightness and high contrast, and the contrast reaches 500; 1, it can meet the needs of the eye; the brightness is also very high, so its color reproduction is very good.

2.Pure flat image without distortion

The RGB light-emitting grid of the plasma display is evenly distributed in the plane, so that the image is not distorted even at the edges. In a flat-screen CRT display, it is difficult to control the level of distortion without the uniform scanning speed at the edges.

3.Ultra-thin design and ultra-wide viewing angle

 Due to the display principle of the plasma technology, the thickness of the whole machine is much lower than that of the traditional CRT display, which is not much different from the LCD, and can be placed in multiple positions. Users can hang the plasma display on the wall or on the table according to personal preference, which greatly saves the room, and is neat, beautiful and stylish.

4, with a full range of input interfaces

In order to cooperate with various signal sources, the plasma display has a DVD component interface, a standard VGA / SVGA interface, an S terminal, an HDTV component interface (Y, Pr, Pb), etc., which can receive power, VCD, DVD, HDTV, and computers Output of various signals.

5, environmental protection without radiation

High brightness computer monitor generally adopts good electromagnetic shielding measures in the structural design. Its front screen environment can also play a role of electromagnetic shielding and prevent infrared radiation. It has almost no harm to the eyes and has good Environmental characteristics.

High Brightness Computer Monitor

High Brightness Computer Monitor

Comparison of advantages

Factory price computer monitors have higher technical advantages than traditional CRT displays, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Ion display is small, light and no radiation;

2. The structure of each plasma emission unit is exactly the same, so there will not be a set deformation of the common images of kinescopes;

3, the brightness of the ion screen is very uniform, there is no bright area and dark area; while the center of the screen of the traditional picture tube is always higher than the surrounding brightness;

4. Ions are not affected by the magnetic field and have better environmental adaptability;

5. There is no aggregation problem on the ion screen. Therefore, the problem of some areas of the picture tube due to poor focus or long-term defocusing can be solved, and no color drift of the picture tube will occur;

6. The flat surface completely improves the distortion and color purity change at the corners of the large screen. High brightness, large viewing angle, full color and high contrast make the plasma image clearer, the colors more vivid, and the effect is more ideal, making the traditional CRT The display is breathtaking.

Plasma displays have higher technical advantages than traditional liquid crystal LCD displays, mainly in the following aspects:

1. The ion display has high brightness, so you can enjoy large-screen images in a bright environment;

2, color reproduction is good, rich gray, can provide exceptionally bright, uniform and smooth picture;

3. The rapidly changing picture responds quickly. In addition, the flat and thin shape of the plasma also makes its advantages more obvious.

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