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LED development momentum is booming, avoiding negative information affecting industry development

Oct. 24, 2019

On the one hand, the LED industry has a promising future, on the other hand, there are problems in the development of the industry.

"Light pollution" for LED applications

With the popularity of LED applications, LED "light pollution" has been mentioned again and again. When the LED electronic display flashes on the floor and the pedestrian bridge shows the prosperity and development of the city, when the LED lights shine through the indoor and outdoor squares, light pollution is also born.

It is not uncommon for Digital Signage supplier LED displays to produce light pollution. In recent years, there have been reports in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. For the problem of light pollution of LED display screens, limiting the playing time and reducing the brightness at night are the main regulatory measures at present.

The "light pollution" of LED lights is more entangled in the presence of blue light hazards. The National Lighting Quality Supervision and Inspection Center recommends that in order to avoid the impact of high color temperature blue LED lighting products on human health, indoor LED lighting products should not use more than 4000K color temperature, color rendering index should reach 80 or more.

LED development momentum is booming, avoiding negative information affecting industry development

The LED industry, which is deeply involved in the price war, talks about the LED price war, and the practitioners feel helpless. Low price is the simplest and most intuitive way for enterprises to quickly earn the market, but it is indeed a double-edged sword, hurting others, and it is also the most difficult and unwilling to adopt business strategy in the field of display, due to led Display companies have been operating together, resulting in the transparent price of most manufacturers, in order to eliminate competitors, have reduced product profits. The number of manufacturers has soared, but the market demand has risen slowly, which has caused many enterprises to overcapacity. In the face of a limited market, manufacturers have to lower the price competition market in order to ease the backlog of goods. The profit of the manufacturer also dropped from the original 20% to 7%. If the labor cost is removed, the net profit will be about 4% or lower.

Also in the price war is the LED lighting application. Based on the expectation of the outbreak of the LED lighting industry, the enterprises have sharpened the knife and seized the market.

The problems in the LED industry are not listed here. In summary, the current "problem brothers" in the LED industry are hard to ignore, but they are still in the fields of hope. After all, hardships and hardships are sometimes done, and the hardships will eventually pass

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