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How About The Touch Monitor?

Nov. 27, 2019

We are a LED HD screen touch monitor supplier. We welcome orders from all over the world, and are looking forward to establishing a long term mutually beneficial business relationship with you!

Touch Monitor

In fact, the principle of touch LCD is very simple. To put it simply, the touch screen is installed on the display to become a display with touch function. At present, liquid crystal touch display (CRT) is more popular in the market. According to the different installation of touch screen, it is generally divided into resistance type, capacitance type, acoustic type and infrared type. From the front, the touch LCD has no obvious difference from the ordinary display. From the back, it has one more signal line than the ordinary display, that is, the signal line connecting the touch screen.
Ordinary display in use, generally do not need a special driver, and touch monitor in use must have a special touch screen driver, otherwise it can not touch the operation.

Touch Monitor

As a professional touch LCD manufacturer, the overall mold and mechanism design, the layout of electronic accessories, and the fixation of touch screen are all unique ways. Take the products of gvision, in addition to the self-developed a / D board and the overall mechanism design, the professional design is also made for the fixation of touch screen. Several iron parts with unique design are used for fixation, rather than simply using glue strips Line fixed and pasted. Secondly, the professional touch display generally reserves a certain degree of installation space, which can be compatible with other touch screens. Thirdly, the professional touch display works stably, not only the contact is accurate, but also the display machine will not shake and be stable under the touch contact. Fourthly, the quality of the touch display machine is guaranteed, so the comprehensive performance is relatively reliable This kind of touch display is generally used in high-end places and places with strict requirements for touch display, such as high-end catering POS system, industrial site, medical system, conference room, etc. based on the pressure of price in China, most of the users are disassembly and patchwork type, which is a disorderly market. For the slightly better ones, the brand machines in the market shall be used for transformation, the shell shall be removed, and the touch screen shall be fixed with rubber strips Fix it on the front of the display, and then install the front frame and shell.
In general, the shell is to use tools to eliminate some parts that hinder the installation of the touch screen. Lead out the touch screen control line, and then install the shell. If the quality is a little worse, directly use the Shanzhai display in the market for transformation. Basically, these displays can not get effective quality assurance, and after-sales maintenance is a little troublesome. These applications are usually used in low price query applications

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