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Something you must know when buying LCD splices

Jun. 14, 2019

 There is something you must know when buying LCD splices shared by the LCD transparent screen supplier.

Many last in small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals for its spell brand advantage as early scale, strength, brand reputation and technical service team, there are a lot of successful cases vendors and customers, and by the enterprise scale and the limitation of the money, can't really do service for the customer, the only way out is to spell price, selling price close to the costs, no reasonable profit support, product after-sale service become a dead letter, provided such enterprises can't provide the service, not to mention the service quality; There is no product quality assurance, such as the production of sales is basically blind cat catch-dead rats muddle through.

1 must know: large screen splicing screen selection should be careful

A complete set of large screen splicing display system, display unit is the most indispensable part, it is like the "face" of the whole system, good and bad can be seen at a glance. In terms of screen selection, users can make subjective judgments from visual Angle, brightness, color restoration degree, patchwork size and other aspects. At present, the mainstream LCD visual Angle has reached horizontal, vertical 178 degrees, brightness, the current market products can fully meet the general monitoring, display and other places of application, so users can choose, and color will depend on your sharp eyes to decide.

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2 must know: upstream panel manufacturer

Speaking of upstream panel manufacturers, many users may have ying asked, as an ordinary user is necessary to know so much? Of course, the answer is yes, because the core technology of liquid crystal Mosaic products is basically in the hands of these panel manufacturers, they not only hold the lifeblood of market development, but also lead the development of the market. So to watch them is to watch where the LCD splicing market is going.

At present, the mainstream upstream LCD splicing panel manufacturers include samsung, sharp and LG. Among them, samsung is the earliest manufacturer involved in the LCD splicing market, and its product line is also the most perfect. LG is the last of the three to launch LCD splices in the domestic market. The products of these three companies are different in terms of product size, splicing gaps between units and panels. Users can choose them appropriately according to their own needs.

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