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The Combination of Food Culture And Technology Has Become a Trend Pattern

Apr. 08, 2020

Every restaurant that manages food strives to have a safe and detailed environment, and a monitoring system is indispensable. However, with an advertising machine that can implement a monitoring function system, not only does it save the cost of installing a monitoring system, but the application is also very flexible and convenient. In addition, for the monitoring of customer traffic is not limited, you can get all at a glance through the advertising machine, high-definition control of the flow of customer traffic in the store, which is an effect that traditional advertising machines cannot achieve.

Custom Digital Signage

Custom Digital Signage

Chinese civilization has a long history, and the gastronomical culture has also become famous along with Chinese civilization. The "eight cuisines" imply that each city in China has its own unique cuisine, and the story behind the cuisine implies and highlights The character and qualities of the city that have made Chinese food culture loved by many overseas and Chinese people. So today, with the development of the Internet of Things technology, how can the Chinese food culture use the power of the Internet of Things to create a new food generation inherited and promoted in modern times? Speaking of custom digital signage, I think everyone is no stranger, it is a clear stream of the advertising industry, it is also a combination of technology and innovation, leading advertising to the forefront of the food generation.

The digital signage supplier believes that the smart advertising machine integrated with monitoring in the catering industry is attracting attention with its high-definition. On the one hand, it can customize and spread the special food culture content, design novel graphics, and video information, and push it immediately. It can also carry out advertising. , It can be a fun animated video playback, or a split-screen simultaneous playback format to create its own unique food culture; on the other hand, it strengthens the customer ’s first impression of the impression, and experiences the digital services provided by the advertising machine when ordering. Share fun entertainment broadcasts while dining, allowing customers to experience high-tech intelligent services throughout. If the chain operation can also be controlled remotely, it is convenient for centralized management.

In the past, the intelligent advertising machine can quickly and accurately convey the advertising information to the demanders, and interact with the demanders at zero distance to realize the value of advertising. However, if there is additional monitoring, is it perfect? The new product "High-definition monitoring intelligent advertising machine" is facing the world. It is an intelligent advertising machine that integrates with the Internet of Things technology and integrates advertising machines and monitoring. It creates the "flavor" of the Internet of Things behind the diet culture a bit.

Two-in-one marketing and surveillance: "HD surveillance smart advertising machine" can achieve one-key function through a single network cable, simultaneously play, monitor, and manage, without restrictions, and realize the simultaneous display of promotional videos and surveillance videos on multiple screens. After the application of intelligent monitoring advertising machine, as an innovation in the advertising industry, it will inevitably become the highlight of the food culture circle.

Nowadays, the catering culture circle is more and more extensive and diversified. The catering culture needs to be spread and needs to advance with the times. It is necessary to use the power of science and technology to achieve the combination of science and culture and improve economic development. As a smart monitoring advertising machine, Shizhan leads the innovation of digital signage to the highest point. It integrates traditional culture and modern technology in the spread of food culture to form new elements, establish digital signage of fashion culture, and provide users with high-quality application solutions. The development trend of the catering industry is becoming more and more prosperous. Obviously, the new combination of catering culture + technology has become a trend model. The introduction of the intelligent monitoring advertising machine in the exhibition is to create a new food generation of catering culture, which promotes the food culture and brings businesses Endless benefits.

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