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Foldable OLED panel market

Sep. 02, 2019

Foldable OLED panel market, will eventually be the competition between China and South Korea. Shared the Smart Curved OLED TVS supplier.

Since apple introduced OLED phones last year, foldable OLED panels have become the new favorite for future phones. Although samsung of South Korea and panel factories in China have developed foldable OLED panels, Taiwan manufacturers have not invested in them, research institute said.

Samsung's push for foldable OLED panels in smartphones was followed by Chinese handset brands and the adoption of foldable high brightness OLED signage made by local panel manufacturers, according to the association for the advancement of photovoltaic technology and industry (PIDA).

Smart Curved OLED TVS supplier

Smart Curved OLED TVS supplier

LG Display is also said to be working with xiaomi, lenovo and other manufacturers to develop fold-screen phones, which will be supplied by LG.

Jerry Kang, senior principal analyst of display research at IHS Markit, said, "as the traditional smartphone market has become saturated, smartphone brands are already trying to give smartphones an innovative look. Foldable AMOLED panels are considered to be the most attractive and differentiated form factor available."

However, Taiwan panel manufacturers au and innolux both believe that although they have 4k OLED dual monitor production technology, it is too expensive to build a new production line of OLED panel. Au previously stated in 2018 smart display and touch control that au only USES experimental lines to produce OLED smart watch panel.

Au and innolux have previously stressed that the cost of building OLED panel production lines is too high. The next product of Taiwan panel factory should start from LCD panel with Mini LED backlight, and then enter the difficult Micro LED panel market.

According to the optoelectronic technology industry association, panel manufacturers have applied foldable panel technology to mobile phone panels. Samsung electronics USES a foldable OLED panel on its Galaxy phones. The seven-inch panel is about the size of a small tablet computer and folds slightly thicker than a regular smartphone. The folding direction is "inside folding", turning the panel inwards.

The panel, which is being mass-produced by samsung display, a unit of samsung electronics co., is made by A3 factories that specialize in flexible OLED panels and recently produced about 110,000 units a month, according to the association.

Mainland OLED panel maker royole is also rolling out its own foldable OLED mobile phone FlexPai, which USES its own 7.8-inch foldable OLED panel, which claims to be capable of folding 200,000 times, the association said.

Due to the low demand for traditional flexible AMOLED panels, suppliers want smartphone brands to launch foldable devices as soon as possible. In a more optimistic mood, some are even considering investing in new factories dedicated to folding AMOLED panels.

According to IHS Markit's AMOLED& flexible display information service, flexible AMOLED panels will account for more than half of AMOLED production capacity in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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