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Five Trends In Digital Signage

Feb. 03, 2020

4k digital signage supplier introduces you: The trend of personalization and enhanced interactivity continues. Although there are still challenges to creating a truly personalized experience on the screen, with the impact of the optimization of data traffic on user touchpoints, there will definitely be progress in this regard.

See a dramatic increase in responsive and automated content. The sensors of the real display, as well as the data feed of the computer and network, will adjust the content according to the actual situation. If the weather looks like it is going to rain, the screen will show ads for umbrellas and indoor activities; if the weather is fine, the screen will show ads for local water parks or outdoor music festivals. The playlist will no longer be completely in the hands of the person who schedules the content-the computer will make certain choices based on the relevance of external data.

4k Digital Signage

4k Digital Signage

Smart becomes smarter:

Intelligent programs and artificial intelligence (AI) are entering the field, enabling unprecedented data analysis and integration extensions. The data feed will become a message on its own without external intervention. Just as the CAP alert system can automatically trigger local alerts based on data from outside, digital signage systems will be able to target messages to specific displays based on the data received and analyzed.

This will lead to better integration and joint promotions. Like a team, the system can help with massive amounts of information and make recommendations on what to show and when. This will make cross-promotion possible on a completely new scale, as well as layered and integrated advertising campaigns combined with people's mobile technologies (smartphones, etc.).

Blurred with numbers:

People are spending amazing time connecting with the online digital world, and this will become more common. In fact, the line between digital and real world will be blurred in 2020.

We can see more augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). In addition, 2020 will see more 4k digital signage and technology integrated into real-world events. The display will not only show messages promoting the event, but also become part of the event itself. The number of outdoor digital signages will also increase dramatically, from huge display walls to small interactive kiosks, some of which will be able to interact with people's smartphones or tablets.

Beacons and geofencing will eventually be applied in 2020. When people enter a designated area, they will receive a reminder to download an application that allows them to interact with the intangible but informative digital world on the spot, such as digital information sent to their devices, directions, and more. The separation between digital and physical, and between organizations and individuals, is being eliminated and transformed into a more single, multi-channel experience.


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