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Is it necessary for kindergarten to use teaching machine?

Jun. 21, 2019

Is it necessary for kindergarten to use teaching machine? The Fashion Touch Monitor manufacturer has something to share for you.

The latest education policy stipulates that kindergarten teaching should not involve primary school content. That is to say, kindergarten should be the process of enlightening children's IQ development, rather than the process of instilling theoretical knowledge. When children form good habits, they can learn useful knowledge in school. Then, in this case, kindergarten use teaching machine is still necessary?

Before answering such questions, people should be clear about the role of teaching all-in-one machine, which is a machine integrating various functions such as projector, slide show and audio playback. The Monitor display screen supplied by high quality Monitor factory China is its main structure. Since it is so versatile, it can play different roles in different application environments. The teaching environment of kindergarten should be relaxed and cheerful. Children like music and interesting pictures. In order to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm and interest in learning, teachers can start from this perspective and play an enlightening role by activating the classroom atmosphere.

The all-in-one teaching machine is quite intelligent, there are many interesting activities in the kindergarten, and teachers need some help to lead the children to perform the show. Fun lessons are shown on big screens so teachers can take better care of their children without having to teach them moves over and over again. In addition to teaching, the all-in-one can also play games, which are limited in the number and scope of traditional games. With an all-in-one teaching machine, children can develop unlimited imagination and learn different skills in different games.

However, it should be pointed out that the teaching all-in-one machine only plays an auxiliary role, and it is teachers and parents who really bring help to children's childhood. As long as they have enough patience and sincerity, children's childhood is happy and sufficient, and there is hope for the future.

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