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What Are the Factors for Companies to Choose Digital Signage?

Mar. 31, 2020

Digital signage projects have been connected to back-end systems, but with the growth of a full range of platforms, they can provide a seamless user experience and accelerate the adoption of custom digital signage. Digital signage needs to be highly integrated to create new retail experiences and support big data analytics. With established standards, such as XML and Internet programming paradigms, dynamic signage is connected to the back-end system to implement transaction payment solutions such as Alipay, ePayment, eWallet, while integrating RFID / iBeacon to achieve interactivity and return value Customer data, making retail analytics more accurate and applicable. As cities become digitized and intelligent, intelligent solutions in public spaces, sensors and digital contact points abound, leading to the wider application of digital signage. At present, digital signage is one of the fastest growing markets. So what are the key factors for enterprises to choose to deploy digital signage solutions?

The display is no longer limited to the 16: 9 LCD panel, and almost everything can be displayed. Media exterior walls, mirrors, and glass panels with integrated LED strips have become very popular; in the digital signage industry, embedded signage can be regarded as the fastest growing segment. Whether it's a scale in a supermarket, a vending machine in the street, or a pay tray in a restaurant, dynamic information can be displayed on a variety of multi-screens of any size. The customer journey learned by marketers at the university has officially been declared dead. The new generation of customers—the true digital nation—has not followed the traditional purchasing process and rules. What they seek is a new and flexible shopping experience that focuses on referral marketing, location-based services and facilities.

4k Digital Signage

4k Digital Signage

4k Digital Signage supplier believes:

By adopting the latest technology and adapting to the changing market, the strategic application of digital signage can attract consumers at the store and further stimulate the desire to buy at the point of sale. Shelves, promotional displays and visual marketing points can all add value with technology to satisfy the consumer shopping experience. Emerging applications such as projection mapping can use hidden projectors to map animated content to items such as sneakers or clothing items, creating stunning effects.

Sneak into the future development of 4k digital signage, grasp the market situation and war situation, and break through in a highly competitive market! Successful digital signage deployments always depend on a simple strategy: Digital signage follows existing communication processes and does not cause fundamental changes to consumers' daily lives. Before designing a new digital signage solution, it is absolutely necessary to analyze the needs of all stakeholders, define content workflows, and determine the role digital signage should play in the communications mix. Ultimately, technology is only a tool, and customers are the key to success.

Digital signage is everywhere!

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