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Face Recognition Thermometer Is Fast and Accurate

May. 19, 2020

These days, taking one's temperature in and out has become a must-have experience for everyone. All kinds of handheld infrared thermometers are smart and portable and have become a good helper for community workers. With the advent of the return to work date, railway stations, airports, and other crowded places have also actively introduced a variety of temperature measurement equipment to strive for the efficient completion of passenger temperature measurement and provide safety for passenger travel.

At present, the infrared thermometers used are mainly divided into two types: handheld infrared thermometers and artificial intelligence automatic infrared thermometers. In public places such as subways, airports, wharves, railway stations, office buildings, and other places with high traffic volume, the hand-held infrared thermometer has low efficiency through manual screening, and it also exposes workers to dangerous situations, so its application range is relatively limited.

Compared with it, the automatic infrared thermometer has the advantages of long-distance, large area, non-contact, rapid screening of body temperature, and so on. Dense crowd flow can realize automatic non-sensing customs clearance. Once the abnormal temperature is found, the instrument will automatically display and alarm in real-time, which will greatly improve the screening efficiency and detect patients with suspected cases of high temperature early.

The appearance of the face recognition thermometer has made the detection of body temperature more efficient and accurate. Taken together, the combination of thermographic precision temperature measurement technology and visible light face recognition technology can automatically eliminate the factors that interfere with human body temperature measurement, only for human face forehead temperature measurement, and real-time temperature measurement It is superimposed and displayed on the true-color face image so that the face and temperature can be seen instantly. At the same time, the face recognition thermometer simultaneously detects 16 faces per second, and the train with 551 passengers can be measured in only 34.44 seconds, which greatly shortens the detection time and improves the detection efficiency.

Automatic Infrared Thermometer

Automatic Infrared Thermometer

It is understood that the face recognition thermometer can scan and detect the temperature as fast as 0.25 seconds. If there are many passengers on the bus, the face recognition thermometer can also quickly complete the temperature measurement, which is more practical. It is worth mentioning that the face recognition thermometer is installed at the position of the bus door, which can measure the passenger's body temperature, record the riding information, and give a voice prompt to the health condition without driver intervention.

The touch monitor supplier believes that: In order to further use high technology to improve the level of epidemic prevention and control, and to ensure the speed and accuracy of passengers entering the station body temperature monitoring under the peak of return-to-work passenger flow, the existence of automatic infrared thermometers has great significance. The emergence of a fully automatic infrared thermometer also makes body temperature monitoring more comprehensive and scientific. In the course of operation, it reduces the risk of infection by monitoring personnel and solves the disadvantages of traditional labor temperature detection such as high labor cost, low measurement efficiency, slow early warning response, and difficult global control. It is foreseeable that in 2020, the application of intelligent equipment in the medical field will be more in-depth and more extensive.

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