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Digital Signage Gives Travelers Instant Access to Information During Their Travels

Mar. 12, 2020

Airport digital signage introduces a whole new way for tourist-oriented information dissemination. From retail to healthcare, users in many industries have already felt the benefits of adopting digital signage. The travel industry is no exception. As the trend of digital signage continues to grow, travel agencies are beginning to use real-time, interactive information to encourage tourists to explore destinations. Digital signage also allows visitors to have information at all times when traveling, to ensure that they are always "online." Simply put, digital signage can enhance the travel experience from the following aspects. Travelers use digital signage to learn more detailed real-time information about their destinations and make informed travel decisions. Interactive self-service solutions provide travelers with the latest information about the weather, local news and upcoming events.

Digital signage equipment can provide tourists with direct directions on how to reach the destination in an interactive manner, and provide maps around the destination, as well as surrounding catering, retail, transportation facilities, hotel accommodation and other service information. Using this service, tourists can quickly and easily understand the local attractions of interest, and find out the fastest way to get from A to B. This is also the most widely used service provision method for digital signage in the tourism industry. The digital signage advertising machine installed in tourist places can provide Wi-Fi wireless network services for tourists, which will be very attractive for tourists who want to enjoy free Internet services anytime, anywhere. Once the wireless network connection is successfully established, digital signage can push notifications to visitors.

Digital signage allows visitors to learn more and more about their travel destinations, and helps them make the most informed decisions at any time by providing them with practical information that is updated in real time. Interactive self-service solutions can provide visitors with real-time updated information, such as weather, local news, and upcoming events.

Digital signage hanging type can provide an advertising platform for local businesses and stores. By establishing an effective connection between tourists and local shops and restaurants, self-service solutions can promote tourists' visits to local tourist attractions and promote the revenue generation of local business operations. Through the above analysis, it is not difficult to see the application value of digital signage to the tourism industry. In fact, due to the rapid popularity of mobile smart device applications such as smart phones and tablets, consumers have gradually become accustomed to obtaining information on the screen, especially using touch display devices with interactive functions. Digital signage is undoubtedly the fastest and most economical way to obtain effective information for tourists. Therefore, it is reasonable for consumers to include digital signage.

Digital Signage Hanging Type

Digital Signage Hanging Type

Conversely, this dependence of tourists on digital signage also provides merchants with richer consumer information materials, which is extremely valuable for the refinement of business models in the context of the big data era. In the era of information explosion, most of the information will be ignored by consumers. Therefore, the effect of the previous "wide spread network" marketing method is gradually weakened. The real information from consumers, after being summarized and organized, can truly reflect the distribution status and interest preferences of consumers, so that businesses can create more targeted information pushes for them, thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of information dissemination. Collection analysis is an important way to measure return on investment (ROI) and content effectiveness. Digital signage can be used to collect data and learn more about tourists. The information obtained through analysis can be used to create content tailored to tourists and indirectly improve return on investment.

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