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Digital Signage Creates Convenient Life!

Jan. 15, 2020

With the continuous development of modern technology, static advertising signs that are replaced once a few days or even weeks can no longer meet the needs of enterprises, nor can it bring a deeper "brand impression" to the audience. With the integration of network and multimedia technologies, the new generation of digital signage is publishing and processing information in the form of media, showing greater vitality with dynamic images and interactive functions.

As a world-renowned display equipment provider, digital signage has been widely used in catering, finance, telecommunications, hospitals, stores, supermarkets, hotels, public places and other fields, bringing more opportunities to major industries.

In practice, the advantages of high brightness digital signage are often reflected in the following three aspects:

I can provide updated information services

There are only two things that can attract users' attention. The first is that the product is meaningful to him, and the second is that the product has something to watch. The digital signage used in the public domain is meaningful to users. At airports, train stations, passenger terminals and other places, you can view your shift information in real time through digital signage; in banks and hospitals, you can use digital Sign to view the current ranking information, and even see how many digits there are ahead of you, the expected waiting time, etc.

High Brightness Digital Signage

High Brightness Digital Signage

Unlike the large information screens originally set up in the public domain, high resolution digital signages are often more clever in details, and their data updates and responses are more timely.

Second, to ensure the timely and effective content dissemination

After all, it is the ability to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. With the help of an information publishing system, users can publish content in real time and switch freely.

For example, in a tea shop, a fast food restaurant, and other catering facades, you can make the digital signage scroll to show the corresponding dish prices and information about children's packages, discount packages, etc. during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Third, guide users and improve their "impression"

The presence of digital signage can also be used to guide audiences. For example, digital signage in exhibition halls, stores and other places can perfectly display detailed product information, parameters and prices, so that audiences can clearly understand the product and promote the success rate of cooperative transactions. And unlike the traditional "clear-coded price", using AOC smart digital signage to present products is often more intuitive and vivid.

For use in buildings, you can use high-definition detailed scrolling pictures, brand-conscious advertisements, and shocking high-end corporate VCRs to attract the attention of others for the first time to achieve focus and exposure, plus 4K ultra-clear image quality With a wide viewing angle of 178 ° and a color number of 1.07 billion, it creates a delicate and perceptible horizon for the audience, so as to "impress" the participants wholeheartedly, thereby achieving audience conversion.

At present, high quality digital signage manufacturers can formulate integrated digital signage commercial solutions based on industry characteristics and customer needs, truly "tailored", suitable for customer development, and focused on the audience!

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