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Development Trend of Digital Signage in 2020 (Part 2)

Apr. 21, 2020

Part 4

Display size Display size

As displays continue to evolve and costs associated with the fall, larger and larger screens are entering the market. The trend is toward screens that are at least 80 inches in size (up to the video wall). But smaller screens are also becoming a trend that will grow exponentially over the next few years. A famous example is a small display attached to the stadium urinal as a supplement to the advertising space. For smaller screens, POE(Power over Ethernet) technology must be mentioned.POE is a process for supplying power to network-compatible equipment via network cables. This eliminates the complexity of previous power supplies, which made it difficult to access or interfere with power cables and power supply unit sockets a thing of the past. The technology is seen as a turning point for less complex digital signage because the installation of small displays has been greatly simplified.

Part 5

Media Formats

The content of the public digital signage module becomes more dynamic. The rapid development away from static content has benefited from the booming development of quangaoqing video.PCS are getting smaller and more powerful, allowing them to process larger video files more quickly.HTML5 apps are also becoming more and more popular. The flexible and intelligent 4k commercial buildings digital signage can be combined with high-quality videos to create an impressive effect. For example, digital signage content related to the current weather could be displayed: a video showing an umbrella that automatically switches on a rainy day and a commercial for sunglasses in the sun.

Square Digital Signage

Square Digital Signage

Part 6

3D Wayfinding

Wayfinding is becoming an increasingly common tool to make it easier to visit large urban complexes or shopping malls. Interactive 3D maps are viewed from a first-person perspective, allowing users to understand their environment more quickly. Shopping malls, hospitals, museums, art galleries and large buildings of all kinds will increasingly be equipped with smart guides, with 3D maps having the biggest impact on the development.

Today, square digital signage is more reliable and easy to access than traditional advertising. It is a relatively new technology that is developing rapidly. Emerging technologies and a growing number of interactive displays and navigation systems are making digital signage more effective. Operators of such devices are increasingly hoping to communicate more effectively with their target groups in a variety of scenarios (healthcare, retail, production, education, etc.).The digital signage industry is expected to continue to grow as new trends emerge. All this should be kept in mind because in the end, no one wants to be left behind in the competition.



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