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Development Trend of Digital Signage in 2020 (Part 1)

Apr. 14, 2020

Since the advent of digital signage, people have been able to get information, entertainment, interaction, and engaging content while shopping, traveling or waiting in line. While countless possible applications can be traced back to the development of the last decade, the success of digital signage began with technological advances and marketing experts who realized the benefits of poster advertising. As digital signage becomes more dynamic, so does the market, which makes it even more important to keep up to date.

High quality Digital Signage manufacturer has prepared the most important trends for digital signage in 2020:

Part 1

Artificial intelligence

In many industries, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. But what can it do with digital signage? Data analysis is becoming more specific, more accurate and easier to use. The advantage of the enterprise is that the computer USES the data stream to control the display according to the input information. The result: better-integrated marketing campaigns that relieve employees who once had to collect this information. These employees can now become more involved in the business without a large data set.

Part 2

Personalized Personalization

The continuous development of technology is not only reflected in the ability to produce products according to customers' requirements but also reflected in the industry to create a personalized customer experience. Personalization is the most effective way to create meaningful and relevant consumer interactions using technologies such as recognition software and machine vision. Digital signage has become more personalized by integrating technology to ensure better connectivity, intelligence, and responsiveness. Driving all this is artificial intelligence, which can learn and interact with people in a unique way. Being more accurate in data processing means a better understanding of the user. For example, restaurant mall digital signage can greet a customer and prepare useful information and special offers for him.

Restaurant Mall Digital Signage

Restaurant Mall Digital Signage

Part 3

Interactive Interactivity

Various technologies play a decisive role in the development of shopping mall digital signage. Touch screens, face recognition software and NFC are used to increase customer engagement and improve the user experience. Interactive applications, such as browsing product catalogs and menus, requesting information or placing orders, can now be implemented without difficulty. Touch screens are especially important for interactive apps because most people use smartphones or tablets in their daily lives. The feeling of familiarity adds to the appeal of the content, especially for the more tech-savvy. Not only are hands used in interactive applications, but so are ears and mouths. Voice control has been used in smartphones and voice assistants for years and is increasingly used in digital signage.




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