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Applications And Advantages Of Outdoor Displays

Dec. 31, 2019

Advertising LCD displayer manufacturer to share with you: With the development of digital technology and market preferences, the types of outdoor advertising have shown a trend of diversification. When we look around the city, in addition to the very traditional print ads in bus shelters and subway stations, we can also see 4k shopping mall digital signage and OLED large screen advertisements.

OLED electronic display is becoming the most effective and popular commercial advertising channel. Liangcai Technology Editor will share the main applications and advantages of outdoor OLED displays for you.

1. OLED screen for urban building curtain wall

Urban building curtain walls are mainly concentrated in urban prosperous areas, and are currently a large potential market for outdoor media advertising. However, the advertising value of this market segment has not been fully utilized. With the intensified competition for the location of billboards, glass curtain walls have become a new market, providing more opportunities for outdoor LED advertising electronic screens. This sector has a wide range of applications, such as urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S shops, hotels, banks, chain stores and other glass curtain wall buildings with commercial value.

2, stadium OLED screen

The LED display plays an important role in the stadium. It can not only provide real-time play of the game, but also show fans wonderful game playback. In addition, the  OLED display can provide slow-motion playback to help referees make correct judgments, reduce unnecessary disputes, and ensure fairer and more fair results.

More importantly, it can also be used for athlete introduction, competition result information display, commercial advertising and so on. Whether it is the Olympics, World Cup or various events, you can always see the performance of 0LED display. The application of 0LED display has become an indispensable facility for modern stadiums such as football stadiums, basketball courts, ice hockey stadiums, and handball stadiums.

3, stage background OLED screen

The LED display uses lightweight panels, modular design, quick installation and removal, and is widely used as the main stage background for music festivals, live productions, concerts, awards ceremonies and corporate events, providing a better visual experience and a more charming atmosphere And better stage effect.

On the one hand, the OLED display can play and replay live events, allowing remote audiences to enjoy the performance. More importantly, the stage effect of the LED display can expand the performance space and enhance the stage atmosphere, which is extremely important in large-scale stage performances, concerts and music festivals.

Applications And Advantages Of Outdoor Displays

Custom Oled TVS

What are the main advantages of outdoor  OLED displays:

1.High exposure

In general, custom OLED TVs will be installed in crowded or heavily trafficked areas. Because of this feature, outdoor LED displays always attract great attention due to their high brightness, vivid color performance, and strong visual impact. Make it easier to become a geographical indication in urban areas, and repeatedly send information to consumers at fixed times and locations.

2. Rich content display

Using advanced optoelectronic technology, outdoor 0LED displays can display text, still and moving images, graphic animation, 2D and 3D video, and more. The entire 0LED large screen can be divided into multiple sections to display different content and maximize its commercial value.

3. Lasting and profitable

Advanced and mature 0LED technology makes the life of outdoor 0LED display more than 100,000 hours. Its high stability makes the display of 24/7/365 working mode possible. In addition, the outdoor OLED display can withstand any severe weather conditions and has stable performance. In the long run, outdoor 0LED displays are more profitable and economical than any other advertising channel, such as LCD digital displays or printed billboard displays.

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