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Stitching touch screen will be popular in various industries

Jul. 05, 2019

Splicing large screen is the mainstream, splicing touch screen may be popular in all industries, shared the 4k Touch Monitor supplier.

Touch Mosaic screen is the mainstream, touch Mosaic screen may be popular in all industries. In recent years, with the development of display applications and the emergence of splicing products, the market pattern of large screen splicing has undergone great changes. High definition, wide viewing Angle, high brightness, long life and other advantages have gradually attracted the attention of users, so that the application of large screen display gradually show a rising trend.

The range of application in the security industry is also growing, but as the puts forward new requirements for video surveillance, security market as a video monitor display terminal, big screen splicing wall picture must be grand, vision, complete has the very good display, demonstration effect, especially in urban traffic control command scheduling, which has multiple screen showed characteristics of concentrated, will effectively improve the efficiency of monitoring and emergency response.

4k Touch Monitor supplier

With the continuous maturity of the splicing technology, the cost of large-screen splicing products is also decreasing, which lays a solid foundation for the large-screen splicing wall to enter the public display field. LCD splicing technology presents a new and irresistible trend. With the product upgrade of LCD big screen, LCD big screen has made great improvement in brightness, narrow edge, long service life and other aspects. The use of splicing big screen has been gradually expanded from the traditional home appliance industry to the IT field. With its unique price and product advantages, IT fills the gap in the field of security protection. With its low purchase cost and low maintenance cost, IT has been gradually recognized by the majority of customers in recent years.

With the broadening of application scope, the concept of large screen Mosaic has also undergone fundamental changes, and has been transformed from a simple display product into an information-based visual platform. However, in the field of public display, it is not enough for large screen splicing wall to have clear picture display, and the requirements of ease of use and interest are more essential. Retail, kiosks, public signs, finance, e-books and medical applications are adopting more touch patchwork walls. So, for the most part, touch stitching is what drives demand. However, the solid public market foundation may make touch stitching stand out in the highly competitive display field and become a "dark horse".

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