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4 Challenges of Retail Digital Signage

Jun. 03, 2020

The benefits of shopping mall digital signage for retail companies are obvious. However, digital signage can be used casually, especially if your budget is not unlimited. Misunderstanding will make the cost higher and the effect worse.

Here are four common problems that you have identified and need to avoid.

1. Planning

When your competitor installs a digital signage system on the street, you may get scared, she now has a competitive advantage over you. Perhaps you have seen such a situation. According to statistics, 42% of shoppers would rather shop in a store with a video showing it.

So you are eager to install as many digital signage systems as possible and as quickly as possible. However, it is best to spend time planning. Otherwise, you will encounter an unclear vision problem, which is the direct result of incomplete planning.

One of the first things you should ask yourself when considering a digital signage network is: why do we need it?

"To make money" is the beginning, but not enough. If the focus of a project leader is to improve your brand identity and promote more thematic (ie, show that the local track video operation equipment store meets), the other is to only focus on promoting products (all advertising content, All the time), you will have conflicts.

First, clarify your project vision. This will also help you determine how to measure the ROI of digital signage.

2. Poor integration

Retailers want their digital signage to be more than a flashy PowerPoint presentation and so on. They want to integrate with multiple systems currently set up in retail. They want to be able to use the screen for training.

They also want to coordinate content with other marketing activities online and on mobile devices. Creating a comprehensive channel experience requires a lot of foresight and planning.

4k Digital Signage

4k Digital Signage

3. Produce enough content

The biggest advantage of digital signage over traditional signage is that it is not static. Even in the last loop of content playback, the image on the screen often changes. This means that even if a customer has seen specific content, they are likely to give it a second look. Paper signs are not as good as wallpaper.

However, to maintain performance, it is important to add new content frequently. Many users of digital signage networks report only updating their content every other month, or even less.

If the content is constant forever, eventually people will stop looking for it. And never changing it means you missed the opportunity to promote products and move inventory.

Also worth mentioning is the production of budget content. How much are you willing to spend? Be sure to plan ahead and decide who is responsible for the production content. The amount of money spent on your content depends on your business and goals.

4. Localized messages

If you are still in the planning stage, adapt your content to local solutions. A popular option is to make each location responsible for some of its own content.

It is also important to have style and voice guidance in place to help maintain the brand. If you have the resources, you can use your current data analysis capabilities and generate highly targeted messages.

Even if your system is in place, there are some measures you can take, for example, you can set your 4k Digital Signage to display the social media of local branches or local weather.

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