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43 inch hanging dual screen advertising machine



● Supports dual-screen simultaneous display or dual-screen different display, one-button switching in the background

350-700nits brightness selectable

● Ultra-thin and light design, easy to use and beautiful, the thickness of the whole machine is less than 50mm

● High resolution, high contrast, high brightness, greatly improve the sense of layering of the picture, and can better express the details

● With the function of automatically removing afterimages to protect the long-term use of the LCD screen

● With black level extension adaptive function, enhance the depth of field

● With professional-grade LCD screen, the video image is more beautiful and the stereo sense is stronger

● 16.7M colors, the picture is more natural, and the delicate picture is truly without smearing

● With intelligent temperature control and environmental protection and mute High reliability, good stability, especially suitable for working in harsh environments

● Super long life, 7 * 24 hours uninterrupted work, can reach more than 60,000 hours


● Using RK3288 Android chip, integrated high-performance graphics processing unit, has strong video processing capabilities, can be compatible with most video formats and decoding capabilities.

● With 2G RAM, 16G ROM, strong performance.

● Super decoding supports most video formats such as MPG, MPG-1 / 4, AVI, MP4, TS, MKV, RMVB, MP3, wma, jpeg, bmp

● Interface rich: support TF card, USB2.0 hard disk, U disk

● Powerful digital audio amplifier, high-fidelity audio decoding, powerful 2x 5W high-fidelity speaker speakers, perfect restoration of multimedia sound

● Complete functions: support horizontal and vertical screen playback, video split screen, rolling subtitles, timing switch, USB data import and other functions.

● Convenient management: user-friendly playlist creation software, which is convenient for advertisement playback management and control. Play logs for easy understanding of playback.

● Diversified usage: You can publish online in the background. You can export the program to the U disk for updating from the background, or you can make a single machine directly without background updating.

43 inch hanging dual screen advertising machine

Information release system:

Functional composition

Material management: audio, video, picture, Flash, PPT, Word, Excel, PDF;

Program management: program production, editing, management, export / import, program list / plan management;

Terminal management: terminal monitoring, quick release, time synchronization, volume adjustment, download speed limit, power on / off, remote update, touch management, etc .;

System management: log management, view instruction execution status, modify password, user authority management, terminal authentication management;

Other functions: user rights assignment, terminal authentication management, password modification


Centralized control management

The system adopts B / S architecture, without installing a client, you can open the IE browser to log in to the control background on any computer, and perform any operation management on all terminals.

If there is no network, you can also update directly through a USB flash drive. The unique stand-alone mode can also achieve split-screen playback.

Hardware stable

The embedded Android operating system is used, with no copyright disputes, good heat dissipation, low power consumption, no more than 5W at full load, and no blue screen of death. The hardware adopts industrial control without fan design, no noise, and stable hardware.

Arbitrary split screen

When making a show, you can freely stretch and drag the video playback area and size, flash, ppt, marquee subtitle font, font size, character color, background color, support subtitles to scroll left, right, up and down; the system comes with a digital calendar Clock module, weather forecast module and program template library, support self-designed templates; provide thumbnail function, what you see is what you get.


                  43 inch hanging dual screen advertising machine

43 inch hanging dual screen advertising machine

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